Once you register with us you will be required to fill out your basic profile.

Select how far you are willing to travel for jobs, and we will notify you by text alert and e-mail whenever a job close to you is posted.

Next select computer systems you are familiar with, and then upload your Essential Documents.

If you do not have all your documents scanned- you can try using a scanner app on your phone such as “TinyScan” or “CamScanner”.

Now you are ready to start booking jobs!

Go to My Bookings, and use the Calendar Tool to set your availability.

We will only notify you of shifts that are posted on days you are available. This cuts down on nuisance texts and e-mails. And you don’t have to scan through and cross reference your diary as we do all that for you. When you get an alert from us, it will be with a job that suits your availability and distance settings.

On receiving a shift alert, a link will bring you directly to our bookings page.

This page cross references your availability with all the shifts posted by that surgery.

You can easily see what shifts you can cover, along with the details of surgery times and rates. You can view surgery on map etc. If you want to apply for that shift just click Apply for Shift and do the same for any of the shifts you are available for at that Surgery.

The Surgery then receives a notification of interest and they can view your profile and essential documents.

If they are happy to proceed, you will get a confirmation alert.

We will then reset your availability on booked days.

Once you are booked the Surgery will have access to your complete profile and contact details should they need to get in touch with you for any reason, as will you have theirs.

If you have any queries – contact them directly.

The terms of your engagement with the Surgery are between you and them. We are not involved with setting the rates payable for each shift or any other contractual terms. We would encourage you to pay particular attention to the Surgery’s payment rates, making allowance for any pension or other deductions you might need to make, entitlement to breaks, potential cancellation terms and other matters which are important to you.

On Completing a shift – log into your account and go to My Bookings.
We will have your Invoice ready for you to edit- adding Home Visits, and any agreed Extra Time.
Print this off and get it signed as confirmation for your own records.
We automatically issue 2 copies so you can leave a hard copy with the Practice Manager.

There will be a record kept in My Invoices- so you never have to worry about lost time sheets again.

The Surgery pays 100% of the rate directly to your own bank account- the details of which will also be on the Invoice.
If you have an NHS pension – use our Pension Tool to generate this automatically as  well.

We will track when the Surgery pays your invoices, so you can easily see who has paid in you’re My Invoices section.

How much time and hassle have we just cut from the process? No more admin days! We do it for you!

We take all the hassle out of searching for locums for you. No more chasing calls and e-mails. And no expensive agency fees.

To get a locum, go to Post Shifts. Simply select the date and session you want to fill and use the drop down menus to select times and any possible Home Visits you may need. You set the rate – the more you offer- the more interest you will generate.

If you have more than one session or date to fill, just click Add Shift, and repeat the process.

You can add up to 10 sessions in one go. Then click Post Shifts. This sends an e-mail and text alert to Locums in your area with availability on ANY of your selected sessions.

If you have more than 10 sessions – just start again, and post the rest.

Now sit back and relax, interested Locums will come to you!

Interested Locums will appear in My Bookings. Here – select the session and you can view the Profiles and Essential Documents of interested Locums. You can see what shifts they displayed interest for on the corresponding calendar making it easier to select your cover.

Once you are happy with your selection, click on Confirm Locum. They get an alert regards the booking, and they cannot book other shifts on your booked sessions, as they are marked as unavailable.

You will then have access to their full profile and contact details should you need to contact them for any reason.

The terms of your engagement with the Locum are between you and them. We are not involved with setting the rates payable for each shift or any other contractual terms so we would encourage you to be clear as to your payment rates, including making allowance for any pension or other deductions might be necessary, entitlement to breaks, potential cancellation terms and other matters which are important to you.

After they have completed the sessions, they should present you with an automated invoice. This is required to keep our system up to date.

You pay the Locum directly as you would normally do. Just tick it as paid when done in My Invoices.

If the locum pays into the NHS Pension, they may present you with a pension contribution form to sign. Don’t panic, we recalculate the rate so that it is inclusive of pension contributions and you still pay as per the invoice.

At the end of the month we will send you a separate Invoice with our nominal fee required to maintain the service.

You will typically save £100 / day on Locum costs compared to using a Locum Agency, and you will save on lost time and effort chasing Locums yourself.

No. We are a communications and networking portal designed to make the process of booking locums much simpler and cheaper. We take a lot of the hassle out of the process for both Locum GPs and Surgeries, saving you time, effort and money in the process. The money you save on Locum Agencies is divided between you, so Surgeries save more, and Locums earn more…thus our motto… More Money in Your Pocket!

YES. If you have an NHS pension we make the process easier by automating your pension forms for you. If you have any other pension arrangement you should bring this up with the Surgery and ensure that the fee you’re going to be paid accounts for this. The rates of pay that Surgeries advertise on our Website are gross and are intended to be inclusive of NHSPS contributions at the normal rate. If your own scheme has a different rate, discuss this with the Surgery directly as it will be the Surgery who will need to agree to any variations.

If you are registered with the NHS pension scheme then at the end of your shift, after you have generated your invoice, click on “Add Pension Form”.

We will have the form “GP Locum A” ready for you to get signed by the Surgery.

Rates advertised by the Surgeries are intended to be inclusive of pension contributions and so this will be calculated to appear on the form.

We do not provide copy “GP Locum B” forms through our website so, if you need that form please go to the NHSBSA website where you can find other helpful information.

It is your responsibility to arrange your DBS/CRB check through an existing employer.

Please note you will need the Enhanced DBS/CRB check which cannot be acquired as a self employed individual and an annual update service is available to minimise your admin at https://www.gov.uk/dbs­_update_service.

Once a locum is booked for a shift, you will have access to each others full profile and contact details. It is your responsibility to contact the other party as soon as possible if for any reason you are unable to keep your contracted commitment. Please do not contact Deal Direct Locums in this instance, as the contract for services is between the Surgery and the Locum directly.

The Surgery should however e-mail the accounts team on accounts@dealdirectlocums.com to advise us of the cancellation, so that we do not chase you regarding non-completion of the invoice cycle.

If a particular Locum is noted to be cancelling shifts on two or more occasions / periods of time, then we reserve the right to terminate that Locums profile as per our T+C’s section 14.

For Surgeries – if you want to use the platform to look for another locum for the cancelled shift – then please start the “Post Shifts” process as usual for that session, and a new Job Alert will be sent out to available locums in the area as usual.

For Locums – if you want to book work for a cancelled session with another surgery then you will have to contact DealDirectLocums.com directly as we have functionality which prevents you being double booked which we must over-ride.

Again we remind you that it is your responsibility to ensure you do not double book sessions, and that you honour your commitment to each other party once a booking is confirmed.

If you require on-call cover for a period of the day, for example between AM and PM sessions, then this can be negotiated with the locum directly. The locum can then add extra time onto the invoice to equate with the negotiated rate.

For any time that was extra to that originally posted, for example seeing extra patients, simply add extra time on your invoice before finalising and get the surgery representative to sign this at the end of your shift to confirm and agree to the invoice.

Once a booking is confirmed you are obliged as per the T+Cs to complete that shift. If for any reason there are circumstances where negotiation is required after shift completion, then you can use the Extra Time function on the Invoice Tool to adjust your payment amount.

Pink – Pending Shift

Yellow – Posted Shift Awaiting Locum Interest

Green – Interested Locum, Awaiting confirmation

Red – Locum Booked

  • On your Locum Calender:

  • Green – Please Search for Shifts/Update Availability

    Yellow – Shifts Awaiting Confirmation – You can still Apply for more Shifts

    Red –  Shift Booked

  • When viewing Surgery Calender:

    Yellow and Green– These Shifts are still Available – Please Apply for Shift

    Red – Shift no longer available

When a Locum responds to your Shift Alert, their Profile will appear in the My Bookings section.

You can view their Essential Documents prior to confirming any bookings.

Essential documents include:

  • – Passport
  • – CCT
  • – Medical Indemnity
  • – GMC Registration
  • – DBS/CRB
  • – Performers List

Once you Confirm your chosen locum, you then have access to their Full Profile including Contact Details.