Locums Can Claim NHS Pension Contributions

There have been a few changes to the NHS pension scheme regulations which took effect as of 1st April 2015.

Booking your work through allows you to claim pension contributions, (Locum Agencies do not) as you are working for the Surgeries directly.

Briefly, to qualify for NHSPS contributions, you cannot trade as a Company, and you must have a clear direct transaction between the Locum and the GP Surgery.

With you are working for the Surgery directly, your Contract for Services is between you, and the surgery pays you directly. This allows you to claim pension contributions on all your work if you operate as an individual. automates all your Invoices, and also automates your Pension Forms (GP Locum A), making your life as easy as possible.

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Please take a look at the link below to the NHS Business Services Authority for full guidance:

Please also view the GP locum Factsheet for a summary of what’s relevant to you: