GP Indemnity Rises by 25%

It has been reported that GP indemnity costs have gone up by 25% in just one year according to a Pulse Today report.

The survey carried out in August reported that the annual fee for a GP doing 10 sessions a week had gone up to £11,320 in 2015, as member annual cost per session rose from £869 to £1,132 in the last 12 months.

This has concerned many people in the profession because it has been reported in a survey by Urgent Health that a high percentage of GPs are limiting the amount of Out of Hours shifts they do because the cover is too expensive.

With this said, Private sector firms are stepping in and claiming that they can reduce the cost of the insurance by up to 75%, but this may come at a risk of not being fully covered according to Pulse.

The Medical Defence Organisations have ensured GPs that they remain Not-for-profit, and will support GPs with any claims that arise, even if the GP is retired or ceased practice years before.

This poses a question which every GP must ask – Do they keep paying the increased  fees from the MDO or do they shop around for cheaper indemnity that might not cover them for all possibilities?


Why is it hard to get a Locum GP?

Getting a locum to cover a shift can be hard work these days. Getting out your list, going down it one by one can be time consuming, and cost the surgery money.

An alternative to this is using recruitment agencies, but it has been known that recruitment agencies charge 30% on average which has cost nearly 2bn last year alone.

Recruitment Agencies also underpay the locum doctors and prevent them getting there NHS Pensions.

Another way of getting locums is by using Chambers sites, but Chambers charge a fee to the locums to join or charge a percentage of their wage, which mean less money for the locums.

This is where can help. allows surgeries to take control of the locum hiring process by allowing the surgery to:

  • Control the level of pay the locum gets (It is not dictated by an agency or the locum).
  • Advertising the hours required (not being told to commit to a day shift when you only need them for a morning).
  • Advertise way in advance – which increases the chance of a successful placement.
  • Look at the Locums Profile and Essential Documents before booking the Locum Doctor.

It is also a lot cheaper to book a locum because you pay the locum directly and our fee is only £5 per Shift successfully booked.

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Locums Can Claim NHS Pension Contributions

There have been a few changes to the NHS pension scheme regulations which took effect as of 1st April 2015.

Booking your work through allows you to claim pension contributions, (Locum Agencies do not) as you are working for the Surgeries directly.

Briefly, to qualify for NHSPS contributions, you cannot trade as a Company, and you must have a clear direct transaction between the Locum and the GP Surgery.

With you are working for the Surgery directly, your Contract for Services is between you, and the surgery pays you directly. This allows you to claim pension contributions on all your work if you operate as an individual. automates all your Invoices, and also automates your Pension Forms (GP Locum A), making your life as easy as possible.

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Please take a look at the link below to the NHS Business Services Authority for full guidance:

Please also view the GP locum Factsheet for a summary of what’s relevant to you: