Junior doctors leaving NHS

New figures released show only 52% of junior doctors chose to stay in the NHS after finishing their foundation training.

These doctors are choosing to work instead in academia, as locums or simply taking a career break.

The extra pressure on NHS staff created by the growing demand for patient care and disenchantment among junior doctors are being blamed for the trend.

Quoted in The Guardian,

Dr Johann Malawana, chair of the BMA’s junior doctors committee said “ To see such a large number of doctors leave the NHS in such early stages of their careers is incredibly worrying, and can only worsen the recruitment crisis we are already seeing in many parts of our NHS, such as A&E.”

“The unprecedented pressure combined with the anger and frustration around the government’s plan to impose a new contract, has left many junior doctors voting with their feet,” he added.

Professor Wessely, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said: “These are disturbing figures…The figures show that more people are less willing to commit themselves to further training to become a GP or consultant in the NHS. They tell us that more and more are reluctant to join the NHS or are hedging their bets.”

“These worrying figures are another sign of how demoralised junior doctors have become under the Tories”, said Heidi Alexander, the shadow health secretary.

These figures reflect the situation a month before the dispute erupted between junior doctors and Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, so next year’s figures could be even worse.


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